New Member Announcement: Introducing Liz

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Wasteland Hop has been keeping very quiet lately. Our last show was with Zion I in October, but in the time since then we’ve been very busy recording, working on new material, and planning for the future.

We’re not ready to reveal everything that’s happened, but we can say today officially that Wasteland Hop has added a new member: Liz Gaylor on violin.

The band has been lucky to record and perform with two very talented string players, Alana Rolfe (viola) and Kira Lynn Sands (cello). Their performances brought the songs to a higher level, but — alas — those two ladies have always been very busy with their numerous side projects (which include Fierce Bad Rabbit and Talisker Skye).

It’s with great excitement that we announce that Liz is a full-time member of Wasteland Hop.

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