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The videos are for the songs “Motion Rollin”, “Honey Cigarettes”, “Modern Day Moth”, and “Ashes to Axis”.


Motion Rollin’ Music Video

Motion Rollin’ was shot in Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado. The last segment was shot in the late, great GNU Gallery (RIP).

The video was directed by the amazing Samantha Hanus, with a major assist from Justin Aarestad. They’re both part of Rival Mind Media, one of Fort Collins premiere video production companies.

Modern Day Moth Music Video

Illustrations by Ben Fry of Fry Comics. Animations by Josh Stevens of Next Level Ink.

Honey Cigarettes Music Video

Directed by Tomas Herrera.

Wasteland Hop’s first music video “Ashes to Axis” (below) was released in 2011.

Wasteland Hop – Ashes to Axis Official Music Video from Timothy David Orme on Vimeo.

If you like these videos, please share them with your friends! We put a lot of hard work into them and all we want is for as many eyeballs as possible to be on them.

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