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Hey y’all. Peggy Thornbottom here. I’m the Wasteland Hop Fan Club President and new official band blogger. Woohoo!

I’ve just arrived back from the first leg of their Alaska Summer Tour.

The Tour kicked off at Chair 5 in Girdwood, Alaska. The house was packed and dancing from the first song. Wasteland Hop played until they ran out of songs and then played some more, improvising freestyles with audience participation.

They even played a song for the first time ever “Bad Habits”. Loved it. Hard.

The service at Chair 5 was a little too friendly, just in my personal opinion. The wait staff was looking my band up and down all night and I did not take kindly. Back off.

On Friday the band drove North to Talkeetna and I followed close. The weather was sunny and the stage was in the middle of the town park.

The all ages show was being broadcast live on the radio so no bad words. Wasteland’s MC Mickey Kenny watched his mouth like a good boy. The kind a mouth a man could kiss his mother with. Pucker up.

Mickey hasn’t showered since Colorado and his hair is devestatingly unkempt. The man has neck hair for days.


Audiences have been complaining about his body odor, but I for one have grown to enjoy the robust aroma. I can take a deep drag of air so thick, it to the roof of my mouth and makes itself comfortable. Curls up.

That same night, Wasteland played Talkeetna’s historic Fairview Inn. Here’s a picture Adam took on stage.

I’m in the front row. Mmmhmmm Adam, I’m ready for my close-up. Snap.

Don’t get me started on Adam. The man is one tall glass of sweet tea and I’m here just hoping this place has got free refills. Ohh baby, I’m parched.

Adam Sleeping. Yum.

I wish he’d play me like he plays those cymbals. Rat-a-tat-tat!

Saturday was Solstice. The played The Fairview again and that daylight had people all rowdy.

Solstice weekend concluded Sunday afternoon at The 49th State Brewing Company, nestled in the mountains of Denali National Park. The band stayed in cabins but wouldn’t let me in.

They can’t stop me from coming to their next weekend of shows and reporting back though.

Talk again soon!

Peggy Thornbottom,
President of Wasteland Hop Fan Club
Band Blogger at

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