Wasteland Hop Announce Summer Tour Dates in AK

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The band will be headed up to the 49th State again starting in Anchorage with a show at The Tap Root on Thursday July 21st. From there they will be cruising down the Kenai to Alice’s Champagne Palace in Homer. The weekend ends in Girdwood, where Wasteland Hop will grace the stage of the Sitzmark yet again.

Full list of shows:

Thurs, 7/21 | Anchorage @ Tap Root
Fri, 7/22 | Homer @ Alice’s
Sat, 7/23 | Girdwood @ The Sitzmark
Tue. 7/26 | Palmer @ The Fish Hook
Wed, 7/27 | Girdwood @ Chair 5
Thurs, 7/28 | Talkeetna @ The Grove
Fri, 7/29 | Talkeetna @ Fairview Inn
Sat, 7/30 | Private Wedding Show
Sun, 7/31 | Mystery Show

June 5 2016: The only normal thing about Wasteland Hop is that they continuously follow their hearts, regardless of how things are “normally” done. As a fledgling band in Colorado, they chose to take their tours up to Alaska instead of going the “usual” routes into Denver and onto LA or New York. Their musical sound defies genre and their songwriting (which occurs wherever the muse strikes them, whether it be on the glacier fields of Alaska or in the jungle-volcano valleys of Ecuador) is increasingly experimental.

The band recently returned from 6 months on “The Greater Glacier and Equator Saga” Tour, which took them from their home in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains up to their northernmost show in Fairbanks, Alaska, to their southernmost shows on the beaches of Ecuador (where they paused for 3 weeks in a studio in Manta, Ecuador – the same Manta recently in the news for the heavy-hitting earthquakes – to record new tracks for their next album), then back up to Alaska in March, stopping in between for shows in California and Colorado, and a 360° virtual reality music video release in their hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Currently the band has split up, at least geographically speaking, as their front-man Mickey Kenny lives and works on Alaska’s Montague Island, cleaning trash up off the shoreline over the summer. Kenny has also taken a job this fall teaching in a remote Alaskan village where he will also coach basketball and educate on the subject of Iditarod Mushing. Kenny composed his master’s thesis about the Iditarod when he completed his MFA in Poetry in Colorado (where he met the other members of Wasteland Hop) making this a full-circle continuation of a life-long dream of his. The band continues to create music together and work on their upcoming album by sending tracks digitally to each other during this separation.

Frontwoman Steph Jay along with the other four members of Wasteland Hop are performing live shows without Kenny in Colorado (where the rest of the band currently resides) and are very much looking forward to the reunion with Kenny in July.


Wasteland Hop carves a unique space into your imagination, a space where one feels the soulful pourings of Janis Joplin interlaced with the cerebral speech of Aesop Rock. This Colorado 6-piece brings a new original sound via violin, guitars, drum and bass backing the potent energy exchange between leading vocalist Steph Jay and MC Mickey Kenny. Wasteland Hop has played with Sage Francis, Jurassic 5, Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds, Wax & Watsky, Flobots, Air Dubai, Zion I, Talib Kweli and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. Wasteland Hop played SXSW 2014 & 2015 as part of the Colorado Music Party.


Watch “Bad Habits” – https://youtu.be/lvAkelcvNVY
Website – wastelandhop.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/wastelandhop
Stream Symbiotic Clock: https://wastelandhop.bandcamp.com/album/symbiotic-clock-ep

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